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The 100th anniversary of the Arts Club


The Montreal Arts Club will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2012. An artisctic  movement of expression and art publisher (Since 1912 ).

Join the oldest and most prolific artists club of Montreal. The only club to be recognized by the association of the Royal Academy of Arts of Canada.

By joining you will enjoy the following benefits. Constantly exposed to our Museum, sell your paintings in our monthly auction, show your work in strategic locations to promote the sale of the works. We will help you for your grants, have pages of advertising in our Magazine and Art of Living which is distributed 4 times a year, receive an award for the best artist of an assessment CTD.

Prepare your costumes for the Montréal Venice Ball. There will be plenty of activities and celebrations

Welcome! To all artists in all disciplines, visual arts, stage, sculptors, designers, circus performers, creators, website, singers dancers, etc ...

Thank you for your participation
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Le Club des Arts/The Arts Club
Tel (514)933-6405