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logo_delarte Les Productions Del Arte specialize in multimedia and broadcast, DVD productions, artists' agencies and promotion of visual artists, dance, theater, design, fashion show in Quebec and abroad.
lesgrandsexplorateurs Les Grands explorateurs SPECIAL OFFER! The Great Explorers and The Arts Club of Montreal offer to subscribe to the Promo / Ambassador special. This mini-subscription is 4 inexpensive large travel. This is also an opportunity to get together with friends or family, to discover four major films, digital projections and in a venue near you!
ede : San has been a marine biologist, a marketing executive, a pharmaceutical representative and an airline crew member. As an inventor in the scientific field and an innovator in the legal and artistic fields, he is interested in creative thinking. His most recent creation is Legal Art—art inspired from law.
ede EDE Entrepreneurs Démarrage à Expansion : Entrepreneurs get help to start their own business from A to Z. Through various stages of the entrepreneur journey, EDE will provide services that enable entrepreneurs to ensure and achieve their financial security in daily management objectives , this is based on a relationship of trust, loyalty and good faith.
editionvilliers Editions of Villers represents more than fifty artists and specializes in designing greeting cards and other printed for all occasions (100% green) . Editions of Villers offers members of your association, a printing service at a special price that meets the needs of artists, which is small quantities with a high quality standard. Request your catalog printing.
logo_cirque_du_soleil Le Cirque du Soleil is a Quebec company specializing in entertainment arts contemporary circus. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec (Canada).« »
rcaaqlogo The reputation of the RCAAQ, founded in 1986, is based on an expertise of over 20 years in Contemporary Art. Each year, this network produces over 800 activities including exhibitions, performances, publications and symposiums. It also offers a program of continuing professional education for cultural workers and professional artists. All this activity generates over 350 000 visitors and participants per year.

le Club Saint-James is the strategic meeting point of many professionals and business people. Located close to major office buildings, the St. James is easily accessible via the main entrance on the ground floor overlooking Union Street.

logo_devinci Le Centre Leonardo da Vinci is ideal for conferences, training courses, art exhibitions or to attend plays, concerts and films. In addition to our modern sports facilities, we have been providing activities for young people and people of the golden age.

Le Réseau des femmes d'affaires du Québec inc. is a private company whose lifeblood is its mastery of networking and its engineering. As a private company contributes to the success of women in business and more and more shares its experience in various countries. Its organization and its unique approach now used as a reference point at international level.

logo_rezo REZO is a prestigious private club with a mandate to assist and support the business development and quality of life of its members and partners
logo_musee Le Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal (MBAM), Founded in 1860, is a museum of international reputation based in Montreal and dedicated to the promotion of Canadian and international art. Its encyclopedic collection includes over 33,000 objects.
logo_mAVA M.A.E.V.A. - La Marche à l’amour, à la vie et à l’amitié
logo_jimagine J’IMAGINE CONSULTANTS working with festivals, TV producers, web and events to guide and advise on the various funding options private partnership and support them in relevant research sponsors.
logo_mntculture Culture Montréal is a private, nonprofit organisation, involved in gathering all interested parties to promote culture as an essential element of Montreal's development.
logo_communiquart Communique'Art
is the source of visual arts in Quebec where you can publish your own information!
logo_assoinddart L'association indépendante d'Art
la forge

Gites en Touraine du sud .
C'est un monde de verdure et de sensibilité que Mahé souhaite vous faire découvrir. Son désir, vous entourer de sa gentillesse et de ses attentions dans un univers de charme. Son rêve, partager sa quiétude et le calme de sa demeure. .

Un environnement calme et authentique complémentaire aux bienfaits de la balnéothérapie. Les maris pêcheurs, les femmes peintres, les enfants ayant besoin d'espace s'y retrouveront. Promenez vous dans son jardin de senteurs, de couleurs et de goûts propice à la détente.


December 6, 2012

Dear Therese Deschambault

On behalf of the international Women’s Leadership Association (TheIWLA), it is my distinct pleasure to notify you that in consideration of your contribution to family, career, and community, you have been selected as a woman of outstanding leadership in Canada.

Sincerely, Beth Johnston, Executive Director