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RÉPERTOIRE Artisite Nguyen Nga


Technique : Aquarelle

Affiliation professionnelle : TAC (The Arts Club)





Nga Nguyen was born in Vietnam. Painting has been her love since childhood but it is only in the past couple of years that she has been able to pursue her dream.

She has been taking watercolour painting courses with Norma Bradley Walker, workshops with Lise St-Cyr and drawing courses at Visual Art Centre in Montreal to improve her skills.

She has been developing her own unique style of expressing her love of nature through her paintings, giving them the liberty of brush strokes, the delicacy of details, and the magic of colours.

She has participated in many exhibitions of the Dorval Artist Association in 2007 and 2008.

She participated in the 7th Art Exhibition at the Mount Royal Funeral Complex in 2007 and won third (prize or place?) The Mount Royal Commemorative Services bought her painting.

Recently, she has been very honoured to become a new member of The Arts Club of Montreal.