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Technique : Oil
Affiliation professionnelle : TAC (The Arts Club)
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Phone: 514-933-0776
Susan Elizabeth Pepler is a Montreal-based artist whose recent production reflects a resurgent interest in representational painting in today's art. Over the last few years, the artist has focused her attention on the production of visually rich, object-inspired canvases, that unabashedly embrace the notion of visual pleasure and aesthetic beauty. For the artist, the practice of painting is simply, and integrally, attached to the charismatic, expressive potential of pictorial representation. Compelled by the evocative power of the visual world, a wellspring for all of her work, Pepler advocates art's ability to transform one's state-of-being, to "take you away." For her, authentic beauty is made relevant by virtue of the fact that "... it stirs... makes you ponder, and wakes up your senses."
Despite the representational idiom in which she chooses to work, Pepler's purpose is formalist first, that is, her concern is with the painted surface and the properties of paint, the effect of light and atmospherics, the architectonics of each work's internal organization and the material possibilities of her chosen medium. Her subject choices are selected first and foremost for their formal resonance and painterly appeal -from carefully selected cultural artifacts, such as antique teacups and cars, to depictions of natural and organic life: flowers, plants, fruit and foliage. The latter still-lifes are characterized by their elegance and poise, seeming to "invite the viewer into a place of quiet solitude."
The artist's approach to her subject matter remains detached from political motivation. The iconic teacups and other quotidian objects are devoid of extraneous information and, as such, remain temporally fragmented, creating a void that allows the viewer free reign in the construction of context.
Pepler is also currently engaged in producing a series of exotically expressive, richly tactile nature scenes, where organic life is treated both as subject and motif: at once ordered and unrestrained. . Executed on a relatively monumental scale, these works are characterized by their voluminous 'surfaceness' in the magnified foliage which stretches across the canvas field.
It is perhaps this never-ending quest for visual sights and stimuli which engage the 'fullness' of perception that propels the artist's progress. It is echoed in Pepler's love of travel and her constant seeking out of the visual offerings of the built or natural worlds. From exotic hôtel gardens to blue poppies in Metis, Susan Pepler's voyage of visual discovery will continue to inspire her imagination as well as her painting practice. As she says, "we've never seen it all - in the visual world."

1988-91 Dawson College, Diploma (DEC) in Illustration & Design, Montreal
1985 University of Manitoba, Intensive Drawing Workshop, Winnipeg, Manitoba
1981-84 Concordia University, Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Montreal


2008 "FALL/orFLOWERS", The MAA, Montreal
2008 "May Flowers", Brome County Museum, Knowlton, QC
2007 "Blossoms in Brome", Brome County Museum, Knowlton, QC
2007 "City Art Cocktail", Private Showing, Montreal
2006 "Knowlton Revisited", Brome County Museum, Knowlton, QC
2006 "City Winter Show", Private Showing, Montreal
2006 "Bold Visions", Brome County Museum, Knowlton, QC
2006 "Champagne & Paintings", Private Showing, Montreal
2005 "Flora", Galerie Avenue Art, Westmount, QC
2005 "Une Nuit, des toiles...", Nuit blanche à Montreal, Belgo Building
2003 "My Manets", Belgo Building Studio, Montreal, QC
2002 "Carros de Cuba", Java U, Westmount, QC
2000 "Green Leaves/Verdure", Galerie Tremblay-Monet, Montreal, QC
2008 Hit the Road, Studio Georgeville, Georgeville, QC
2008 Reflections Urbaines, Espace les Neuf Soeurs, Montreal
2008 Aux Printemps, Duo Exhibition w/ Mark Zimmerl, The MAA, Montreal
2006 Art & Vision, Westmount.QC
2006 Ottawa Art Festival, Ottawa, Ontario
2005 Defrost, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia
2005 OSM Exhibit, Place des Arts, Montreal
2005 "Les Femmeuses", Pratt & Whitney, Longueuil, QC
2005 Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Gallery, Montreal
2005 Elmwood Art Fair, Rockliffe Park, Ottawa, Ontario
2005 The Paddock Club, Montreal, QC
2005 Galerie Borduas, Outremont, QC
2004 Deck the Walls, Galerie Avenue Art, Westmount, QC
2004 Tropical Greens", Galerie Luz, Montreal
2004 Dans le Jardin/ln the Garden, Galerie 1040, Montreal
2003 A. H. Campbell Gallery, Westmount, QC
2003 Juried Exhibition, Cranbrook Private School, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
2003 Art & the Automobile, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary & Vancouver
2002 Gemst Gallery, Montreal
2001 Tendances Contemporaines, Galerie Tremblay-Monet, Montreal
2001 Art Mode Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario
1999 McGill University, Montreal
1983 Juried Exhibition, VAV Visual Arts Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal


Concordia University Permanent Collection, Montreal
Leow's Vogue Hôtel, Montreal
International Financial Consulting Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario
Allstar Talent Management, South Beach, Miami, Florida
David Cari Malz, California
O'Keefes, Montreal
NHR Research, Montreal
Au Premier, Montreal
Suprême Court of Canada, Ottawa
Tribunal Court Judge Leydet

First Place - 2003 Art of the Automobile Competition (Automobile Joumalists Association of


Art Teacher - Dawson Collège
Competition Judge - for 2004 & 2005 AJAC's Art of the Automobile Competition
Panel Speaker - YES Montreal
Presenter/Speaker at Westmount Library's ART NOW Series - October 2008

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