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RÉPERTOIRE Artisite Yazar Cañez Pelin

Technique : Acrylique, Pastel
Affiliation professionnelle : TAC (The Arts Club)
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Pelin was born in 1969 in Istanbul, Turkey, where she studied at Marmara University, with painter Nevhiz Tangeli, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree (in Painting & Art Education); and at Istanbul Technical University, with photographer and artist Ahmet Keskin, earning her Master of Fine Arts degree (in Painting, and Visual & Environmental Arts). She also studied under the late Turkish master Lütfü Cülcül.

Pelin has developed a great deal of experience in the profession of art education, particularly with children. She has taught at institutions and workshops in Turkey and North America, and has exhibited there many times, including exhibitions at the Turkish American Association for Cultural Exchange (Chicago, 1999); the 20 th Annual Festival of the Federation of Turkish American Associations (New York, 2001); and at the Middfest International Festival (Middletown Ohio, 2000).

Pelin currently resides in Montreal, Canada. She is married and has one cat.